December 2013
Report from the President

Dear Colleagues and Friends from all Regions of the World,

Once again, I am writing to brief you aboutthe main activities that were effectively implementedby the World Psychiatric Association(WPA) during the period April 1 throughJune 30, 2013. During this period, we continueto fully implement our 2011-2014 WPA ActionPlan; actually, all the planned activitiesof the Action Plan were satisfactory implementedduring this period.

On April 10-13, 2013, the entire WPA ExecutiveCommittee participated in the educationcomponent of the WPA Regional Congressorganized in Bucharest, Romania. This eventwas attended by more than 1,200 professionals,and was an outstanding success from aneducational point of view.

On April 17-21, 2013, I attended and presentedin the Annual Meeting of the “Asociaciónde Psiquiatras Argentinos” (APSA) in Mardel Plata, Argentina. I officially participatedin the WPA/APAL Forum, which was verysuccessful and well received by the audience.

On May 2-3, 2013, we conducted our SecondWPA “Educational Journey” in Panama City,Panama. About 100 psychiatrists attendedthis event from all regions of Latin America.Dr. Edgard Belfort and Dr. Charles B. Nemeroff,both from the WPA Educational Committeejoined me on this occasion.

On May 9-11, 2013, I attended the “VII CongresoNacional de Residentes”, which tookplace in Bogota, Colombia. This event included190 psychiatric residents from all overColombia, and its quality was outstanding.My presentations and participation on behalfof the WPA was well received.

On June 28-30, 2013, I attended the 21stWorld Congress of the World Association forSocial Psychiatry, held in Lisbon, Portugal.In this event, I received the Yves PelicierPrize for Science & Humanism. As Presidentof the WPA, I felt very honored with thisaward and recognition.

Unfortunately, during this trimester, we hadto cancel the WPA International Congressthat was to take place in Istanbul, Turkeydue to social unrest. I am deeply sorry forthis cancellation since the leadership of thetwo WPA Psychiatric Associations of Turkeyhas produced in the past outstanding WPACongresses. I am certainly confident as WPAPresident that we will overcome this undesirablesituation and will conduct another WPAInternational Congress in not a distant futurein Istanbul, Turkey.

As you can see, this last trimester was veryactive and productive from the WPA point ofview. I look forward, with enthusiasm, to continueto be active and to effectively representthe WPA in all regions of the world.


Pedro Ruiz, M.D.
WPA President (2011-2014)




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