December 2013
Women’s Mental Health

Presentations by the WPA Section on Women’s Mental Health

Marta Rondon
Panamanian Psychiatric Society, May 9-10,2013 “Globalization and Women’s Right to (Mental) Health and Psychobiology of Violence”

Donna Stewart

1. Visiting Scholar at Harvard Med School(April 2013)
2. Keynote on Antidepressants in Pregnancy (May 2013) at Panamanian Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
3. Keynote on Psychotropic Drugs in Pregnancy (June 2013) at Atlantic Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
4. Panamanian Psychiatric Society, Mayb9-10, 2013 – Presentations: a) Evidence Based Management of UniPolar Depression in Pregnancy b) Perimenopause and Mood

Silvia Gaviria:
1. XVII National Congress of Psychiatry of Guatemala, Guatemala City, Augustn30-September 2 Gender Violence in Latin America: Realities and Challenges
2. XXVII Congress of APAL, Buenos Aires, 16-19 November 2012
3. 59th Annual Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine Meeting, Atlanta, November 2012 Parenthood and Psychosomatic Medicine, organized by IAWMH

Unaiza Niaz
1. Pan Arab Congress, Dubai, November2012. Keynote Presentation “Women’sMental Health in Muslim World”
2. First International Congress on SocialPsychiatry in Egypt, Cairo, December2012 “Building Resilience in Survivors of Domestic Violence”
3. “Africa today & Fanon”, June 1-3, 2013, Algiers “Wars, Insurgencies & Terrorist attacks in the Muslim World: The Voice of the Silent Sufferers”
4. International Meeting of Psychiatry atFrantz Fanon Hospital, Blida, Algiers,1 June 2013 “Recent Advances in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Management”

Participation in upcoming events
1. WPA International Congress, Istanbul(meeting cancelled)WMH Section Symposium Legal Issues in Women’s Mental HealthDonna Stewart; Josyan Mediskaff; Unaiza Niaz
2. WPA International Congress, Vienna, October 2013Does Globalization Affect the SocialDeterminants of WMH?Helen Herrman (Chair); Michaela Amering (Co-chair)

1) “How Does Globalization Affect Women’s Rights as Determinants of Mental Health?” Marta Rondon
2) “How Does Globalization Affect Poverty as a Determinant of WMH?” Unaiza Niaz
3) “Does Globalization Affect Intimate Partner Violence as a Determinant of Women’s Mental Health?” Donna Stewart

Unaiza Niaz

Chair, WPA Section on Women’s Mental





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