December 2013
Family Research and Intervention

On the occasion of the 166th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco, Prof. Ira Glick coordinated a meeting between the WPA Section on Family Research and Intervention headed by Co-chair Prof. Akram Wilson and the delegation of the American Association of Family Therapists. The topics discussed in the meeting related to the possibility of a closer collaboration between the two professional scientific associations, aimed at fulfilling educational and research initiatives as well as fostering the appreciation for family themes in the field of mental health. In contemporary society, the role of family has become increasingly central and the handling and treatment of severe mental disorders involves more and more operators. The increasing success of psycho educational information, support and treatment “packages”, together with the increasing importance, over the past twenty years, of advocacy and self-help programs complementary to the more common psychiatric therapy ones, opens up thepossibility for interesting future developments,while already fostering an intense debate for what concerns their clinical, deontological and ethical outcomes. The two associations have agreed to set common guidelines and operational recommendations together in occasion of upcoming initiatives.

Massimo Clerici

Secretary, WPA Section on Family Research and Intervention




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