December 2013
Facts about the WPA website (*


The WPA website, currently hosting more than 3500 items, reflects and reconstructs the activities of all the WPA components. All these material are freely downloadable. Some of them are listed below:

• All issues of the WPA official journal, World Psychiatry (in up to 10 languages), and the official newsletter, WPA News;

• News from all WPA Components (including the secretariat, meetings, publications, scientific sections, member societies, zonal representatives, affiliated associations, committees and the WPA normative instruments);

• Continuing educational material for psychiatrists and educational material for the general public on mental health issues;

• The WPA E-Learning Programme covering videos and slide sets of prominent scientific lectures and presentations from the WPA Congresses;

• Sets of educational slides based on a series of WPA books on depression with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, in up to 17 languages;

• An educational module and two sets of slides on physical illness in patients with severe mental disorders;

• Information on the WPA material describing successful experiences in the mental health field;

• Some essential documents for the benefit of improving the ethical and scientific quality standards of our profession, including, the Madrid Declaration on Ethical Standards; the WPA template for undergraduate and postgraduate education in psychiatry and mental health; recommendations for relationships of psychiatrists, health care organizations working in the psychiatric field, and psychiatric associations with the pharmaceutical industry; recommendations on best practices in working with service users and family carers; and WPA guidance papers on implementation of community mental health care; how to combat stigmatization of psychiatry and psychiatrists; mental health care in migrants; and promotion of mental health in children of persons with severe mental disorders.


The performance of the website shows a wide acceptance across the world and is followed closely with periodic analysis. Here are some figures for the period between April 12, 2010 and October 12, 2012.

• Average number of visits per day: 348; average number of pages per visit: 3.36.

• A total of 215,836 people have visited the WPA website, making 313,916 visits.

• These visits came from 209 countries/territories, practically covering all parts of the world. If we note that the number of countries in which WPA has national member societies is 117, this means that the WPA is even reaching over its organizational limits by its website.

• The website is continuously visited by new people, with the proportion of new visitors being 69%. This is also reflected in the fact that 68% of the visitors of the website reach it via “search engines”, while 17% via “referring sites”, and 15% using “direct traffic”.


One of the widely used criteria to measure the impact of a website is “page rank check”, a free service provided by Google. The page rank value indicates the importance of a particular website/page. Being an objective measure of its citation importance, it also corresponds well with people’s subjective idea of importance.

• Currently, the page rank of the WPA website is 7/10 (that is, the page rank value is 7 from 10 possible points), which reflects a high impact compared to many other similar websites.

As the editor and the WPA Secretary General, I have been facilitating this process with the cooperation of the WPA Executive Committee members of 2008–2011 and of 2011–2014 and our past and current secretariat staff, Anna Engstrom, Francesca Sotgiu, and Pamela Atiase, and our IT staff at the Istanbul- based agency Saglik Bahcesi. Their enthusiasm, support, and skillful efforts are highly appreciated.

Levent Küey

WPA Secretary General

WPA Website Editor(*) This is a summary of a more detailed article on the WPA website: Kuey L. The characteristics, content, performance, and impact of the WPA website ( World Psychiatry 2013; 12: 85-86.




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