January 2014
Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists

Recent and future activities of the Association

The Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists (BAP) is the premier platform of psychiatrists working in Bangladesh which has been playing a pivotal role in activities related to mental health and psychiatry in the country. Recently we organized the 21st Annual General Meeting of our association (BAP) in the Sylhet district on December 24, 2012 where more than 100 psychiatrists and participants from all over the country were present. We are going to celebrate the World Mental Health Day 2013 on 10 October which would be marked by a grand rally, scientific seminar, press conference, and poster dissemination. Organizing Continuous Medical Education (CME) program is an ongoing activity of the association. Among those two grand CME on ‘Somatoform Disorder’ in Enam Medical College, Savar, Dhaka on 26 June, and ‘Depression - A Global Crisis’ on 9 October in Modern Medical College, Dhaka were conducted successfully last year. Two volumes of the Bangladesh Journal of Psychiatry have been published this year. The association responded promptly to the ‘Rana Plaza building collapse disaster’ (on 24 April 2013) in Savar, Dhaka, the largest man-made disaster in the history of the country by providing emergency psychiatric services, psychological first aid and long term mental health care to the victims and relatives of the disaster. The 7th International Conference on Psychiatry (7th ICP) would be organized by the association with the co-sponsorship of the WPA on 24-26 November 2013 in Dhaka where eminent psychiatrists from all over the world will participate. You are cordially invited to join the program (website: bapbd.org).

Md. Waziul Alam Chowdhury

General Secretary, Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists

Caption:Rally – World Mental Health Day 2012.




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