January 2014
Medical Psychologic Society (France)

In 2013, the Société Médico-Psychologique(SMP)(Medical Psychologic Society)celebrates the 170th anniversary of its official bulletin, the Annales Médico-Psychologiques, the oldest journal of psychiatry in the world still published today.

To commemorate this anniversary, we published a book in French entitled “24 founding texts of Psychiatry introduced and commented by SMP”, Armand Colin edition. We selected papers published from 1843 to 1966in the Annales Medico-Psychologiques that can be considered as early clinical descriptions (of mood disorders,psychotic disorders, anorexia nervosa, delirium) or therapeutic innovations such as lithium, neuroleptics or the use of antiepileptic drugs as mood-stabilizers.

Each text is introduced from an historical point of view by French experts on the topic, followed by a commentary based on today’s knowledge. Highlighted in this manner, the texts gathered together in this book constitute an original and updated history of psychiatry.

In addition to the book, the SMP have organized a solemn session entitled “lithium yesterday, today, and tomorrow” to be held at the Paris Academy of Medicine on October 17th, 2013 to commemorate this anniversary. Speakers from Europe (United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, and France) will follow the progression of the first drug ever used in psychiatry, which continues to know a very impressive neuro-scientific interestand therapeutic usage right up to the present day.

Marc Masson

Secretary General, Medical Psychologic Society (France)




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