January 2014
Italian Psychiatric Association

World Mental Health Day in Italy

The Italian Association of Psychiatry (SIP) proposes, on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2013), an innovative initiative in collaboration with the National Observatory on Women Health (ONDA – Italia)to open the doors of about 100 General Hospitals and Mental Health Departments (DSM) to offer free visits, counseling and information points to the wider population. 

Increasing the knowledge of Mental Health issues amongst the general population is incredibly important as it combats stigma about mental illness. Translating psychiatric knowledge into the practical field of public health is one of the target activities of SIP Presidents, Claudio Mencacci and Emilio Sacchetti, both of whom are working hard against silence on the most important mental health topics.

Through this nation-wide event, the Italian Association of Psychiatry hopes to contribute to break down the “walls of fear” towards mental health, helping patients and families from our country to better identify the places of care and simply make use of them, aware of the importance of prevention in the field of mental health.

Massimo Clerici

President, Section “RegioneLombardia” of the Italian Psychiatric Association





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