March 2014
French Psychiatric Information Society

The French Psychiatric Information Society - SIP (Societé d’Information psychiat- rique) held its annual conference between 2 and 5 October 2013 in Nantes, Nicole Gar- ret Gloanec, SIP president’s home city. The theme of this year’s conference was Adolescents/young adults.

The conference was extremely well attended with over 750 participants with more than 95 residents from all over France. Talks and symposiums ranged from research to practice, with a focus on how to address this specific period of life. The issues involved covered a wide range: mandatory care, how to work together between adult and child psychiatrists, how to accompany parents and families, first episode symptomatology and management of psychotic disorders, specificities of adolescence and how infant and child psychiatry inform us on how to manage adolescents and specific psychopharmacology in adolescent treatment were among the important topics addressed. Major conferences dealt with questions such as possible prevention and/or prediction of continuity of psychopathology between childhood and adulthood, specificity of pathology linked to developmental stages and the poten- tial need and justification of specific therapeutic approaches according to age.

The SIP’s journal “l’Information Psychiatrique” will publish papers on this topic during the year to come. Among speakers were Pr Raynaud for the French Federation of Psychiatry and Pr Yves Thoret for l’Evolution Psychiatrique (The Psychiatric Evolution).

At the annual conference of the French Psychiatric
Information Society (SIP) in October 2013.

Gisèle Apter
Vice-President, French Psychiatric
Information Society (SIP)




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