March 2014
Spanish Society on Dual Disorders


The III International Congress on Dual Disorders (Barcelona, 23-26 October 2013) wel- comed over 2,000 delegates, who actively par- ticipated, from 73 different countries under the patronage of the WPA (World Psychiatric Association), NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), APAL (Latin American Psychiatric Association) and the Spanish Health Ministry.

A consolidated platform on which professionals in the field of mental health and addictions, together with the main opinion key leaders in this area, reviewed and shared recent knowledge, research and developments. The themes addressed were: etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and therapeutics of Dual Disorders, from molecular biology to daily clinical practice and from prevention strategies to recovery programs.

A high profile Scientific Program included a special two-day symposia entitled “Parallel Symposia on Dual Diagnosis in Health Caregivers” in order to review any existing evidence ‘for and against’ the theory sustaining that some caregivers could suffer dual diagnosis as a reflection of that of the patients under their care.

Over 88 regular symposia, 13 satellite symposia, 20 workshops, plus 2 meetings with the expert (breakfast, lunches, or other),
10 oral communications sessions (with 133 presentations), 158 case reports, and 257 posters, were presented.

Outstanding were the special contributions of the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) representatives, Dr. Wilson M. Compton, Dr. Ruben Baler, and Dr. Ivan Montoya.

A special mention has also to be given to the “WPA Section on Dual Disorders/ Pathology Committee meeting” Forum which started with Dr. Nestor Szerman´s presentation on “Dual Disorders/Pathology: State of the art and Controversial Issues” to which relevant personalities such as Pedro Ruiz, Nady El- Guebaly, Javier Didia, Margarita Alegria, Javier Álvarez, Philip Asherson, Marc Auriacombe, Vicent Balanzá- Martínez, Ruben Baler, Edgard Belfort, Amine Benyamina, M. Dolores Braquehais, Miguel Casas, Joan Colom i Farran, Wilson M. Compton, Rodrigo Córdoba, Jean Pierre Daulouede, Pinhas Dannon, Nelson Feldman, Gabriele Fischer, Célia Franco, Pier Maria Furlan, Marc Galanter, Alan Green, Eugenio H. Grevet, Humberto Guajardo Sáinz, Henry Kranzler, Michael Krausz, Arturo Lerner, Frances Levin, Karl Mann, Icro Maremmani, José Martínez-Raga, Ivan Montoya, Medhi Paes, Luis Patricio, Einat Peles, Lola Peris, Carlos Roncero, Leo Sher, Marta Torrens, Ambros Uchtenhagen, Wim van den Brink, Elvia Velásquez, Roger Weiss, and Robert West attended.

Main speakers

Prof. Margarita Alegría (USA), Prof. Francisco Javier Álvarez (Spain), Dr. Celso Arango (Spain), Dr. Philip Asherson (United Kingdom), Prof. Marc Auriacombe (France ), Dr. Ruben Baler (USA), Dr. Amine Benyamina (France), Dr. Miguel Bernardo (Spain), Prof. Miguel Casas (Spain), Dr. Alfredo Cía (Argentina), Dr. Wilson M. Compton (USA), Dr. Rodrigo Cordoba (Colombia), Prof. Jean Pierre Dalouede (France), Dr. Javier Didia (Argentina), Prof. Nady El-Guebaly (Canada), Dr. Nelson Feldman (Switzerland), Dr. Gabriele Fischer (Austria), Prof. Marc Galanter (USA), Dr. Ana González-Pinto (Spain), Prof. Alan Green (USA), Prof. Henry Kranzler (USA), Prof. Michael Krausz (Canada), Dr. Arturo Lerner (Israel), Prof. Frances Levin (USA), Prof. Karl Mann (Germany), Prof. Icro Maremmani (Italy), Dr. José Martínez-Raga (Spain), Dr. Ivan Montoya (USA), Prof. Driss Moussaoui (Morocco), Dr. Luis Patricio (Portugal), Dr. Víctor Pérez (Spain), Dra. Lola Peris (Switzerland), Prof. Michel Reynaud (France), Dr. Carlos Roncero (Spain), Prof. Gabriel Rubio (Spain), Prof. Pedro Ruiz (USA), Dr. Nestor Szerman (Spain), Dr. Leo Sher (USA), Dr. Marta Torrens (Spain), Prof. Manuel Trujillo (USA), Prof. Ambros Uchtenhagen (Switzerland), Prof. Wim Van den Brink (The Netherlands), Dr. Eduard Vieta (Spain), Prof. Roger Weiss (USA), Prof. Robert West (United Kingdom)

SEPD 2013 Members of Honor: Prof. Alan Green, Prof. Nady El-Guebaly, and Prof. Marta Torrens

Nestor Szerman
President, Spanish Society on Dual Disorders
(Sociedad Española de Patología Dual)




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