March 2014
Turkish-German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Health

VIII Turkish-German Psychiatry Congress on 18-21 September 2013 in Izmir, Turkey

Since its foundation in November 1994, the Turkish-German Association for Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Health (Deutsch-Türkische Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie und psychosoziale Gesundheit: DTGPP; Türk Alman Psikiyatri, Psikoterapi ve Psikososyal Sağlık Derneği: TAP-DER) has been organizing regular congresses in Turkey and Germany. These congresses have provided an important scientific platform for all German and Turkish speaking colleagues working in the fields of psychiatry and mental health from all psychosocial proficiencies.

The VIII Turkish-German Psychiatry Congress was held on 18-21 September 2013 in Izmir, Turkey. The theme of the congress “Living in Diversity” was referring to the changing psychosocial conditions in Turkey and Germany. The presidents of the congress were from Germany Prof. Wolfgang Maier, the president of the DGPPN, and from Turkey Prof. Mehmet Sungur, president of the Turkish Society for CBT. The program included topics from the transcultural as well as clinical perspectives. The congress was granted EPA patronage of the EPA.

For the first time Pre-Congress Workshops with international participation of renowned colleagues were held. The following days hosted workshops, conferences and discussion forums. Prof. Laurence Kirmayer from Montreal, Canada, Prof. Marianne Kastrup from Copenhagen, Denmark, and Prof. Dr. Levent Küey from Istanbul, Turkey, were some of the international speakers. Besides the theoretical scientific discussions, a major focus of the congress was the clinical practices of the mental health workers. Nearly 150 participants contributed to these discussions. During the congress, for the first time, to honour the founders of the association Prof. Dr. Wolfgang M. Pfeiffer and Prof. Dr. Metin Özek, who have contributed immensely to the cooperation and information exchange between the two countries in transcultural psychiatry, the most innovative poster presentation was given the Pfeiffer-Özek Scientific Research Award.

The IX DTGPP Congress will be held in 2016 in Germany.

Meryam Schouler-Ocak
President, Turkish-German
Association for Psychiatry,
Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Health
Chair, Section of Cultural Psychiatry of the EPA




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