March 2014
International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists

During the international contest “Golden Orpheus” in Varna (Bulgaria), a monograph by Irina Kupriyanova, Valentin Semke, Bairma Dashieva and Irina Karaush, namely “Mental health of children with special educational needs”, was presented.

This monograph is a result of a 15-year activity of the International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists (IAEE) in the region of Siberia and Far East. Research of issues of clinical and social adaptation of children with disabilities have been described.

Disabled children without appropriate socialpsychological support have no possibility to pass through all cycles of socialization that contribute to the formation of infantilism, passiveness, and dependence on others. Social consequences of this situation manifest themselves in that eventually disabled children could become a special group, separated from socio-demographic characteristics of the society in general. Lack of scientific research in the field of problems associated with disability causes multiple stereotypes, contributes to greater isolation of families with disabled children and lack of interest in their problems, and prevents them from the use of rehabilitative potential of the family and formation of its rehabilitative culture.

Recent research undertaken on the detection of early forms of mental disorders in children en- hanced the development of effective prophylactic programs and preventive activities aiming the maintenance of health and prevention of even initial forms of mental disorders.

Materials presented in the monograph have been reported by authors at the III World Congress of Cultural Psychiatry (London, UK, March 9-11, 2012).

Irina Karaush, Prof. Irina Kupriyanova, Bairma Dashieva, co-workers of Preventive Psychiatry Department of Mental Health Research Institute SB RAMSci (Tomsk, Russia), Headquarters of the IAEE.

Nikolay Bokhan, President
Irina Kupriyanova, Secretary
Svetlana Vladimirova, Technical Secretary
International Association of Ethnopsychologists and Ethnopsychotherapists




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