March 2014
WPA 2013 Bucharest Congress

The Palace of Parliament Bucharest, Romania April 10-13, 2013

The WPA 2013 Bucharest Congress, with the theme, Integrating Primary Care, Mental Health & Public Health: The Catalytic Role of Information & Communication Technology, was a smashing success. It was a collaborative project between the WPA, the Romanian Psychiatric & Psychotherapy Association, the National Society of Family Medicine and the Romanian Public Health and Health Management Association.

This first WPA Congress in Romania, subtitled, Innovation and Excellence, was chaired by Professor Pedro Ruiz, WPA President and Scientific Co-chair was Prof. Dinesh Bhugra, WPA President-Elect. The congress was attended by the WPA leadership, by nearly 1,500 health professionals from 55 countries, inclusive of several hundred young health professionals in training.

The WPA 2013 Bucharest Congress offered several innovate scientific program components as well as stimulating social and cultural events such as the following:
• The Brain: Optimism, Wisdom & Resilience
• Heartache & Heartbreak: The Curious Relationship Between Depression and Cardiovascular Disorders
• Health Systems’ Performance
• Depression Screening in Primary Care: India, Iran, Romania, Slovenia
• 21st Century Medical Education: The Role of Psychiatry
• Telemedicine/health for hard to access populations
• ICT applications for non-communicable diseases in primary care
• Meeting with Romania Academy of Sciences President
• Romanian cultural immersion in village life: Transylvania’s restored villages
• Welcome to Romania: Traditions & Spirituality

In addition to a superb scientific and cultural program, the congress provided attendance scholarships to primary care, psychiatry residents and to medical and nursing students.

We look forward to welcoming the WPA to Romania again during this decade…!

Prof. Eliot Sorel
Co-chair, Scientific Committee
Prof. Dan Prelipceanu
Co-chair, Organizing Committee




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