March 2014
Women’s Mental Health

Report on the Section

The following are our salient activities:

Vienna WPA Congress in October 2013

1. The WPA Section on Women’s Mental Health Symposium topic was “Does Globalization Affect Women’s Mental Health”. Helen Herrman was the Chair, Michaela Amering was the Co-chair, and speakers were Unaiza Niaz, Marta B. Rondon, and Donna Stewart. A heated discussion followed, with active participation from the audience.

At the gala dinner with the Mayor of Vienna. From R to L:Drs. Elvia Velasque, Unaiza Niaz, Donna Stewart, Marta Rondon, Carol Nadelson, Robbins.

2. Drs. Michaela Amering, Unaiza Niaz, Marta Rondon, and Elvia Velasque participated in the Intersectional Collaboration Forum with Michael Krause.

3. Dr. Niaz also participated in another symposium at the WPA Vienna Congress 2013 entitled “Psychiatry in the Developing World”, chaired by Prof. Norman Sartorius and Prof. Tariq Okasha. Dr. Niaz’s presentation was on the Role of Women Professional and Non Professional Mental Health Providers in the Developing World.

Seated L to R: Dr. Wahid Sarhan and Prof. Ahmed Okasha. Standing L to R: Prof. Driss Moussaoui and Dr. Unaiza Niaz.

Other prominent activities of the Section on Women’s Mental Health by Dr. Rondon and Dr. Niaz

Dr. Marta Rondon was invited to join the Editorial Advisory Board of the Lancet Psychiatry. She has participated in the course “Identification and management of depressionduring pregnancy”, organized by the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia and the Regional Government of Callao, Peru.

R to L: Prof’s. Pichot (Thailand), Ibrahim Murad (Palestine), Unaiza Niaz (Pakistan), Levent Küey (Turkey), Michaela Amering (Austria), and Ayesha (Pakistan) at the Conference in Lahore, Pakistan.

Dr. Unaiza Niaz
Dr. Niaz was inducted as a member of the International Advisory Board of The Arab Journal of Psychiatry, and also as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Lancet Psychiatry. She participated as a Keynote speaker at the Lahore WPA co-sponsored Social Rehabilitation Conference in December 2013. Her Keynote was on Emerging Images of Muslim Women. She was also the guest speaker at the Bagdad Medical City International Congress, 9-10 December 2013 where she talked on Effect of Globalization on Women’s Mental Health in Developing Countries.

Her book Wars Insurgencies & Terrorist Attacks: A psychosocial Perspective from the Muslim World, published by the Oxford University Press, was awarded the Social Sciences Book Award, by the Pakistan Council of Social Sciences, and a cash award with it.

From L to R: Marwa Al-Ayobi, Baraa Al-Amily, Qassim Al-Awady, Uniza Niaz, Maha Younis, Numan Sarahan, and Abass Al-Rubaiy at the Medical City Congress in Baghdad, Iraq.

Future conference participation

The First International Psychiatric Conference in Al Khobar, 26-27 February 2014: Drs.Unaiza Niaz and Marta Rondon are invited guest speakers.

Unaiza Niaz
Chair, WPA Section on Women’s Mental Health




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