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Psychiatry in Developing Countries

Some of the major activities in 2013

January 13-14, 4th International IGPI Conference, Bangalore: It was inaugurated by Sri Sri Ravishankar, and was academically enriched by Professors Will Carpenter, Gaebel, Rajiv Tandon, Gyansham Pandey, Matchery Keshavan, Rohan Ganguli, Indla Ramasubbareddy, Ajith Avasthi, Ramakrishnan, and Russell D’Souza. Dr Mohandas representing the Section delivered a talk on ‘Anopheles Mosquito-Thank you very much’.

February 17, Ahmadabad-Psychiatry Update: Organized by VS Hospital in collaboration with the WPA Section, this update covered: pharmacological management of Alzheimer’s Disease 2013-Dr. E Mohandas; Nonpharmacological Approaches in Dementia management-Dr. Venugopal Jhanvar; Pharmacological management of Depression-current evidence-Dr. Jayaram; Management of OCD-Dr. Prasad Rao; Management of Bipolar Depression-Dr. MS Reddy; Management of Schizophrenia-Dr. Rajesh Nagpal; and Nuances (or Nuisance) in selecting an antipsychotic-Dr. E Mohandas.

March 15-16, Jaipur - Basic Neuroscience and Neurobiology: A two-day interactive programme was conducted by Drs. E Mohandas and V Rajmohan at SMS Medical College Jaipur for the faculty and postgraduate students of Rajasthan. The modified workshop-cum-lectures were organized by Prof. Pradeep Sharma, Head, Dept. of Psychiatry, SMS Medical College, Jaipur.

The topics covered on the first day included Prefrontal Cortex (Dr. Mohandas), Limbic System (Dr. Rajmohan), Basic Principles of Neurotrans-mission and Receptors (Dr. Rajmohan), and Neural Based Mental State Examination (Dr. E Mohandas). The second day was devoted to lecture series - Neurobiology of Schizophrenia, Neurobiology of Depression and Neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease (Dr. E Mohandas), Neurobiology of Addiction, Neurobiology of OCD, Mirror Neuron System (Dr. Rajmohan).

May 26, SSRI update, Trichur, Kerala: An update session on SSRI involving five sessions was conducted. This session started with the historical evolution of SSRI, and covered the current understanding of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in different psychiatric conditions.

June 29-30, Udaipur, Rajasthan-First International Programme on Psychosexual Disorders: Attended by more than 250 delegates, the programme was a huge success with academic inputs from Prof. Margaret Riedelman, Ganesan Adaikan, Diamond S Hira, Prof. Ajith Avasthi, Prof. Raghuram, Dr Harish Shetty and others. The quiz involving participants was educative and entertaining.

August 2-4, Colombo: The 4th WCAP and 4th AFECP were held on 2-4 August in Colombo, Sri Lanka and attended by over 150 participants out of whom 75 participants were from 12 other Asian countries, at the National Institute of Mental Health. Among distinguished members in Asian Psychiatry were the President of the Indian Psychiatric Society and three past presidents of IPS and the presidents of the Iraqi Psychiatric Association and Sri Lanka Psychiatrists Association (UK).The 4th WCAP was opened by Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Health, Sri Lanka. The Early Career Psychiatrists programme was led by Prof. Matchery Keshavan (Harvard, USA) and assisted by Dr. Sandeep Grover (PGI Chandigarh).

October 31, Anticonvulsants Update: A continuing professional Development programme was conducted involving Neurologists, Psychiatrists and Internists. The state of the art knowledge about the role of different antiepileptics was deliberated by different speakers focusing on the evidence base.

November 23, Nitte Rural Medical and Psychiatric Centre: The opening of Nitte Rural Medical and Psychiatric Centre was graced by Prof. Paramewar Deva, one of the pioneers in psychiatric rehabilitation and training in developing countries.

December 1, DSM 5 – A Primer: A one full day academic feast was organized in Kerala covering the evolution of psychiatric classification, the pros and cons of DSM 5. More than 125 psychiatrists attended the programme. The presentations by experts on different sections of DSM 5 were highly appreciated.

At the DSM 5 – A Primer programme in December 2013. Dr. Mohandas is seen on the left.

Pioneering work of Prof. Parameswar Deva in teaching and training in developing countries: Prof. Parameswar Deva, thanks to his untiring enthusiasm and dedication to training in devel- oping countries has conducted many skill build- ing sessions. Some of them include:
• Ophir Stress management day centre and seminar, Malaysia
• SG Buloh Hospital Stress Management PSR Centre, Malaysia
• Primary Care Psychiatry Training in Fiji

E Mohandas
Chair, WPA Section on Psychiatry in
Developing Countries




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