March 2014
Rural Mental Health

Mental health needs, access and provision in rural areas differs from that in urban settings and can affect health determinants, presentations and treatments in many ways. The WPA recognises that the rural environment is an important and distinctive context for psychiatric practice and the Section strives to promote the highest standards in clinical practice, training and research pertaining to the practice of Psychiatry in rural and remote locations.

The Section on Rural Mental Health was revamped in April 2013 with Professor Satish Malik (India) elected as the Chair and Dr. Anshuman Pant (UK-Australia) as the Secretary. This Section has been active in many activities since its new start in 2013.

• The impetus for the new development began with the strategic meeting of the Section at the APA meeting in San Francisco in May 2013 that was convened by the Chair and the Secretary.
• The Section’s Secretary, Dr. Pant, gave a presentation on ‘A Clinical Director’s Impression of a Rural PMHT’ at the 5th Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium Geelong, Victoria on 15th October 2013.
• Prof. Malik, Section Chair, delivered an inaugural talk in one of the remote parts of India (Odissa state) on the need to recognize mental ailment like depression by physicians and ways to tackle these disorders at rural/semi urban level. Similarly he represented the Section at Mathura and Vrindavan at Uttar Pradesh, India where emphasis was laid on integrating spirituality in dealing with patients and to be aware of traditional ways of treating the mentally ill in rural areas. Prof. Malik is also involved in planning some rural mental health programmes in collaboration with Gangaram Hospital in Delhi.
• We hope to see you at our WPA Section on Rural Mental Health workshop at ANCIPS Pune, India on 19 January 2014
‘Bridging the Gap: Meeting Challenges together in rural and remote communities’.

The Section is also planning to present a session at the WPA Madrid Congress to highlight the mental health needs of rural communities around the world and suggest ways to address them.

Satish C. Malik, Chair
Anshuman Pant, Secretary
WPA Section on Rural Mental Health

Wilsonian Lecture Washington, DC 16 December 2013

Professor Eliot Sorel, founder of the WPA Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Section and of the Youth Democracy Forum, at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) of the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University presented this year’s Wilsonian Lecture.

The title of his lecture was President Woodrow Wilson’s Strategic Vision for post World War I Europe, its consequences for Romania and implications for collective, global security and economic development. A robust, thought provoking and action inviting dialogue followed after the very well received lecture.

The event took place at the Woodrow Wilson House in Washington, DC on Monday, December 16th, 2013 and was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, academics, and policymakers.

Prof. Eliot Sorel




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