July 2014
The XVII Congress of the World Association of the Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP) was held in Saint-Petersburg

The XVII World Congress «MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH IN UNDERSTANDING AND TREATMENT OF MENTAL DISORDERS: MYTH OR REALITY ?»  of the World Association of the Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP), an affiliated WPA member, was held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in conjunction with the Russian Mental Health Conference from 14 to 17 May 2014. It was the main scientific event in the field in 2014 in Russia with 1192 participants. Among them -66 heads of mental hospitals, 18 directors of the main mental health institutes and research centers of Russia and CIS. 7 CIS countries and 54 regions of Russian Federation were represented. 152 international mental health specialists from 35 countries attended the congress.

This congress gave the opportunity to its participants to have a really fruitful discussion and to improve mutual understanding and to achieve a new level of integration on this very actual, interesting and practically meaningful topic.

A special junior program was offered to young psychiatrists, who also had an opportunity to present the results of their work at thematic symposium. An international exhibition of the patients` works of art was also an important part of congress agenda.

The white nights with very special city atmosphere and welcome reception in Peterhoff with its world known fountain cascades made the event unforgettable for all who took part in it. The plentiful feedback received afterwards was the best proof for it.

Petr Morozov

WPA Zonal Representative (Zone 10)




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