July 2014
WPA News: a comprehensive and balanced voice of WPA Components

WPA News had established itself as a comprehensive and balanced voice of the components of our organization. WPA News is more than a newsletter disseminating information from center to the periphery; it is also a very efficient media channel in improving communication and interactionin between WPA Components and international organizations.

This last issue of 2013 reflects many promising activities of our organization in the fields of psychiatry and mental health across the world.

We are delighted to see the continuing interest of our Zonal Representatives, Member Societies, Affiliated Associations, and Scientific Sections in sending us news on their latest activities. You could read some of them on these limited pages of the WPA News and more on our highly visited and appreciated WPA website (www.wpanet.org). So, please kindly do not miss the pleasure of visiting and surfing our website frequently.

WPA Scientific Meetings and WPA Publications play crucial roles in improving the level of the quality of the psychiatric practice and training across the world. Hence, the latest updated information is covered in detail here, for your convenience.

I am sure WPA News will continue to serve our organization as an effective tool in assisting our efforts of raising awareness for better mental health for all, for higher quality of scientific research, for privileged standards of human and patient rights and ethical norms, for high quality good clinical practice and for improved mental health services.

As always, we look forward to receiving your contributions mirroring the activities of the WPA components in a comprehensive and balanced manner.

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General




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