July 2014
Hope and empowerment via international solidarity

This issue of WPA News, once more, reflects the strength of our association by covering the contributions of the WPA components in a balanced and comprehensive way. The strength of WPA is based on its ability in mobilizing international solidarity in the fields of psychiatry and mental health.

In the following pages you could read the activities and accomplishments of our components and colleagues from all continents and regions across the world. Living in a world of inequalities in all facets of life, it becomes crucial to encourage the visibility of various activities from different regions. We are sure that the capacity of containing diverse opinions, orientations and perspectives, and presenting numerous practices in the fields of psychiatry and mental health and guiding them towards shared objectives improves the international identity and potency of this association.

Of course, much more is done than what could be covered in the limited pages of this news bulletin. But, the atmosphere and content reflected here encourages us in our efforts of reaching higher professional ethical standards, higher quality scientific research, better clinical praxis, more comprehensive and non-discriminatory mental health services and training programmes across the world.

We, the psychiatrists and mental health workers of the world along with the people with ill mental health and their carers, all need hope and empowerment. WPA is an organizational tool for all of us in provoking hope and improving empowerment.

We are pleased that the WPA News helps us in fulfilling our ambitions in this regard, and would like to kindly ask you to continue on your contributions.

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General




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