July 2014
Solidarity: a core value of WPA reflected in WPA News

Solidarity, along with internationalism, is one of the core values of the WPA. These core values contained and reflected in its daily activities, while sculpturing the inter-organizational and intra-organizational relations, also construct the identity and image of the association.

Solidarity, as a term, from Latin solidum (whole, sum), was first used in the mid-19th century. Defined as the union arising from common responsibilities, interests, purposes, and feelings between members/parts of a group, solidarity is a paradigm and a modus operandi for the WPA. The interdependence of its components via set regulations and ethical values build up a greater impact than the total sum of its parts.

In the fields of psychiatry and mental health, solidarityis materialized in various examples of partnershipsand collaborative activities aiming sharedgoals. Solidarity of the psychiatrists with the othermedical and mental health professionals, with thepeople experiencing ill mental health, and theircarers, and with their relevant organizations generaterewarding outcomes on international level. InWPA, solidarity, based on respect to the voice of itscomponents, capacity of containing various opinions,orientations and perspectives, and guidingthem towards shared objectives improves the internationalidentity and potency of this association.

High professional ethical standards, high quality scientific research, good clinical praxis, comprehensive and non-discriminatory
 health services and training programmes across the world could become concrete ambitions only through solidarity and

All of the WPA Components have been contributing to this core value of solidarity; also reflected here on the pages of the WPA News.
We are
 pleased that the WPA News increases the visibility of this genuine asset of the WPA, and would like to kindly ask you to
continue on contributing to our
 core values.

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General




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