July 2014
Internationalism: a core value of WPA reflected in WPA News

All organizations, especially the international ones with a long history as the WPA, have some traditions and values besides their officially stated Statutes and By-Laws. These core values contained and reflected in its daily activities, while sculpturing the inter-organizational and intra-organizational relations, also construct the identity and image of the association, like the waves of the seas would shape the shores of the lands, gradually.

Internationalism is one of these exceptional core values of the WPA. Internationalism for an organization is not merely having members from different national societies, but it is a perspective or a paradigm on how the association is run to reach its aims. Internationalism provides bedrock for multi community identities of diverse existences in the fields of mental health and psychiatry; saving the association from the limiting effects of counterproductive single community identities. Richness derived from diversities and respect to the voice of this richness, capacity of containing various opinions, orientations and perspectives, and guiding them towards shared aims give this association its international identity and strength.

Shared aims of reaching high professional ethical standards, high quality scientific research, good clinical praxis, comprehensive and non-discriminatory mental health services and training programmes could become concrete ambitions only through internationalism.

All of the WPA Components have been contributing to this core value of internationalism by bringing their activities to the notice of others, here on the pages of the WPA News very effectively. As part of our respect to our core values, we are sorry to inform you that Peter Berner and Hamid Ghodse had passed away recently leaving us with deep sadness. Obituaries for them echo our appreciation to their contributions and international commitments.

We are pleased that the WPA News increases the visibility of this genuine asset of the WPA, and would like to kindly ask you to continue on contributing to our core values.

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General




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