July 2014
The voice of the WPA Components in the WPA Media Channels

Many comments we are receiving show us that the WPA Media Channels reached an international recognition and have become a rewarding platform where activities, experiences and opinions of the WPA Components are shared in a balanced way. The contributions of the WPA Components are asked regularly, and many news items are sent to us reflecting the richness and diversity of their promising activities. We are proud of the interest and the contributions of all of our colleagues across the world.

While this printed version of the WPA Media Channels, the WPA News, is disseminated quarterly, the WPA website (www.wpanet.org), as would be expected, is a more efficient and lively electronic media tool in improving communication among psychiatrists, mental health workers, and users and carers. We are regularly checking the general statistics on the performance of the website, which reflect a wide appreciation across the world. Currently, more than 300 visitors a day, from nearly 200 countriesenjoy using the WPA website, which offershigh quality material especially to our colleagues working in the under-privileged areas of the world. The WPA website is ranked by a degree of 7/10 by the `Page-Rank Checker` service of the Google. This rank shows a high impact of our website.

We believe that the WPA Media Channels, with your increasing contributions, are adding value to the ambitions of the people in the WPA in raising awareness for a better mental health for all, for higher scientific quality, for privileged standards of human and patient rights and ethical norms in psychiatry, for better and more comprehensive mental health services, and for closer partnerships and solidarity.

We are enthusiastic about receiving your continuing contributions, especially examples reflecting “good scientific, clinical and ethical practices of psychiatry” across the world.

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General




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