July 2014
WPA Media Channels reflecting the richness of diversities in the WPA

Concerning its organizational structure, WPA is based on an effective international representation through its national member societies and international affiliated associations. Members of these societies assure the richness of diversities in the fields of psychiatry and mental health across the world. The power and productivity of the WPA develop out of these diversities which are harmonized under its umbrella. In WPA, living in a world of multi-identities saves us from the poverty of the single identities. Hence, WPA is fully committed to raising awareness for a better mental health for all, for higher scientific and ethical standards in psychiatry, for better clinical practice, and more comprehensive mental health services.

The WPA Media Channels, the WPA News and the WPA web site (www.wpanet.org), had established themselves as comprehensive and balanced voices of the components of our organization. This issue of the WPA News also reflects many promising activities of our Member Societies, Zonal Representatives, Affiliated Associations and Scientific Sections. Many news items coming from the WPA components, as pieces of a great puzzle, construct our unity in diversity and mirror the impact of WPA in improving the quality our professional field.

We are delighted to see the increasing interest of the WPA components in contributing to this process of reflecting the richness of diversities in the WPA through its media channels.

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General




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