July 2014
A New Year: the beginning of a new triennium with new hopes and new actions

The WPA is celebrating the beginning of a new triennium after its highly successful World Congress of Psychiatry and General Assembly held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2011.

This issue of the WPA News is bringing the related news of this transition period to your attention. Besides the WPA Action Plan 2011-2014, you will find the list of the renewed WPA Components, whom had received the baton for the coming three years.

The WPA Media Channels (WPA News, WPA Website and WPA E-Bulletin) had established themselves as comprehensive media tools, managing to mirror the voice of all of the WPA components in a balanced way. A considerable international recognition had been received.

I am sure you will be delighted to see the many promising activities of our Member Societies, Zonal Representatives, Affiliated Associations and Scientific Sections in this last issue of 2011. The limited pages of the WPA News could not cover all of these developments. So, please kindly do not miss the pleasure of visiting the “www.wpanet.org”, where you would find more on these activities.

The World Psychiatric Association, with its more than six decades of organizational history, has established itself as the international umbrella organization of the psychiatrists of the world. The WPA Media Channels, with your increasing contributions, are ready to add value to this process of advancing psychiatry and mental health of the people across the world.

I wish a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year to all the psychiatrists of the world!

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General




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