July 2014
Approaching to the end of another triennium

Approaching to the end of another triennium in WPA invites its components to review their work. The upcoming WPA General Assembly to be held in Buenos Aires, September 21, 2011, will give us the opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of our activities further and guide the WPA leadership for our future work.

The success of the activities related to the WPA Action Plan 2008-2011 mirror the impact of WPA on improving the high level of scientific and ethical quality in our professional field. Besides, WPA had also proved itself on mobilizing its professional recourses for the mental well-being of the people of the world.

The activities of the WPA Secretary General, who has the responsibility of running the organization and of the WPA Secretariat, have been reorganized during this last triennium. We had focused on the improvement of the WPA Media Channels, besides other tasks. The WPA Media Channels, the WPA News and the WPA website (www.wpanet.org), had established themselves as comprehensive and balanced voices of the components of our organization. We are delighted to see the increasing interest of our Member Societies, Zonal Representatives, Affiliated Associations and Scientific Sections in contributing to this improvement by sending us their comments and contributions.

We are all committed to raising awareness for a better mental health for all, for higher scientific and ethical standards, for better clinical practice, and more comprehensive mental health services.

World Psychiatric Association, with its more than six decades of organizational history, has established itself as the international umbrella organization of the psychiatrists of the world. The WPA Media Channels, with your increasing contributions, are ready to add value to this process of advancing psychiatry and mental health across the world, also during the next triennium.

Levent Küey
WPA News Editor
WPA Secretary General

(June 2011)




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