July 2014
An informative media and a kind invitation

We are delighted to see the increasing interest of the WPA Components in sending us news on their latest activities, which clearly shows us that the WPA Media Channels have established them-selves as comprehensive and balanced tools in the eyes of all the components of our organization.

The limited pages of WPA News could not cover all of these developments. However, since WPA is enjoying a renewed and well structured website lately, you could read many of these activities in more detail on our website. So, you could consider this issue of WPA News, besides being an informa-tive media, also as a kind invitation to you to visit the WPA website (www.wpanet.org) regularly.

This issue of WPA News refl ects many promising activities in the fi eld of psychiatry and mental health across the world. The first pages convey the continuing success of the activities related to the WPA Action Plan 2008-2011, which mirror the impact of WPA on improving the level of quality in many faces of our professional field.

Saddening news, as the unexpected passing away of our esteemed colleague, Haroon Chaudhry, or the devastating Pakistan Floods accompany the encouraging efforts of our colleagues in tackling the related psychiatric and mental health problems. News and reports from WPA Research Fellows, successful courses, scientific meetings and congresses, honorary awards and appointments, and efficient activities of many of our Sections across the world ....

All refl ect how WPA, besides being a strong scientific and ethical professional organization, could mobilize its professional recourses for the mental well-being of the people of the world.

I am sure you will continue to assist us in improving the WPA Media Channels by sending your contributions and comments.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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