July 2014
The WPA News: voice of the WPA Components

The WPA News had established itself as a comprehensive and balanced voice of all of the components of our organization. As the previous issues of the last couple years, this issue also reflects many promising activities in the field of psychiatry and mental health across the world.

No doubt, you will be pleased to read the outstanding success of the official journal of WPA, World Psychiatry, and the Research Fellowships Programme for Early Career Psychiatrists. New calls for applications, results of previous applications and exciting report from Pittsburgh; all mirror the impact of this programme in improving world wide relations in our professional field. The report from Haiti is another concrete example of how WPA could mobilize human recourses, this time in the case of a saddening natural disaster.

We are delighted to see the increasing interest of our Member Societies, Zonal Representatives and Affiliated Associations in sending us news on their latest activities. You could read some of them on these limited pages of the WPA News and more on our lately renewed website. Similarly, remarkable activities of our scientific sections are conveyed both here and on the WPA website (www.wpanet.org).

WPA Scientific Meetings and WPA Publications play a crucial role in improving the level of the quality of the psychiatric practice and training across the world. Hence, the latest updated information is covered here for your convenience.

I am especially grateful to the WPA EC Members and our Deputy Administrator, Pamela Atiase for their support in expanding the richness of the content of the WPA News. Our graphic designer Damla Süar is highly appreciated for her skillful efforts.

I am sure you will continue to assist us in reflecting the activities of all of the WPA components by sending your contributions and comments.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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