July 2014
The WPA website with a new face and infrastructure

We are pleased to announce that the WPA website has been reconstructed and redesigned lately, aiming a website that is easy to browse for the users, easy to manage for the webmasters and editor, and with a higher quality content and aesthetics based on a well developed infrastructure.

The home page has been shortened and packed, hence made suitable for a user’s eye to track. The contents of the home page are now more systematic and categorized. All of these changes will make it easier for the users to follow the content and give priority according to their own needs. A lateral navigation and menu system is developed so that users can browse easier. For navigation aid a “breadcrumb trail system”, that gives users a way to keep track of their locations within documents, is applied so that users can know how they get there while browsing.

The infrastructure is categorized and the database is dynamically coded to manage any item used in the site. All of the pages and contents are now coded systematically. The interactive materials on the website are renamed and uploaded according to their locations in the main navigation. This new system of documents provides content usability in the website and also in the administration area.

I am especially grateful to the WPA EC Members and our Administrator, Anna Engström, for their support and guidance. Our new webmasters, Hande Kiziltug and Cem Calistiran from the Istanbul-based agency “Saglik Bahcesi” had been working for this project for more than 6 months with great enthusiasm and their skillful efforts are highly appreciated.

I hope you will continue to help us in improving the quality of our website by sending your comments and suggestions.

Psychiatrists of the world are kindly invited to visit the www.wpanet.org with a new face and infrastructure.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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