July 2014
New year, New hopes, New actions

This last issue of 2009 of the WPA News is bringing significant information on activities of the WPA Components across the world; paving the way for new hopes for the coming New Year of 2010.

During this past year, the WPA Media Channels are re-established to be in harmony, and figures demonstrate that the contributions from the WPA Components had increased remarkably, hence our media channels had managed to mirror the voice of all of the components in a balanced way. A considerable international recognition had been received.

During the upcoming year of 2010, further attention will be given to raise the quality and aesthetics of the WPA Media Channels. A comprehensive improvement and renewal of the infrastructure and design of the WPA Online is one of the most exciting tasks of the near future for us at the WPA Secretariat. You will find more detailed information of its new features on our website by the end of January 2010; so, please kindly do not miss the pleasure of visiting the “www.wpanet.org” more frequently.

The World Psychiatric Association, with its six decades of organizational history, has established itself as the international umbrella organization of all of the psychiatrists of the world, and aims to improve its power of representativeness during the following decades. The WPA Media Channels, with your increasing contributions, are ready to add value to this process of advancing psychiatry and mental health across the world.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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