July 2014
Focusing on the latest developments in psychiatry and mental health

Worldwide efforts in facing the challenges of current theory and practice of psychiatry and mental health are multi-centered and multi-colored. The World Psychiatric Association, especially through implementing its Action Plan 2008-2011, deserves to be considered as a prominent player in the context of these endeavors. You could follow the improvements in this regard on pages one to six of this issue of WPA News.

Besides disseminating information originated from the central components of the World Psychiatric Association, WPA News is also highly committed to reflect the activities of its Member Societies, Zonal Representatives and Affiliated Associations. You could renew your professional hopes by reading some of the ambitious activities from different regions of the world on pages 6 to 12.

Psychiatric education had always been a special matter of concern for WPA. On pages 14-16, you will find a comprehensive historical and prospective coverage of these issues based on their close linkage to the scientific developments in psychiatry.

This solid scientific standpoint is also reflected in the news from the WPA Scientific Sections. Besides some highlights from meetings and publications, a thought provoking report from the Section on Personality Disorders and the development of an innovative scale for screening depression in athletes could appeal your interest on pages 17-24.

The WPA major scientific meetings and various sponsored and co-sponsored events are briefly acknowledged on pages 25-29. They surely reflect the power of our organization driven from its pluralistic nature.

Detailed updated information on the WPA Publications, on pages 29-31, could encourage our readers to reach to the cutting edge scientific knowledge in our field.

WPA News brings you a glimpse of the activities of the WPA components every three months. If you wish to be informed on a more day-to-day basis, please kindly visit our web site at “wpanet.org”, which is updated weekly.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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