July 2014
Improving organizational identity for the benefit of people with mental illness

WPA is in the process of improving its organizational image and identity and the WPA media channels are playing an important role in this process.

WPA media channels (the quarterly WPA News, monthly WPA E-Bulletin and the weekly revised WPA Online) aim to mirror the voice of the WPA Member Societies, WPA Sections and the Affiliated Associations on one hand and that of the WPA Executive Committee, the WPA Board, the WPA Council, and the WPA Standing and Operational Committees on the other, in an harmonized manner.

Lately, WPA media channels had improved in this perspective. WPA Online is being updated weekly to cover the latest activities of our organization. WPA monthly E-Bulletin conveys the highlights of the developments to psychiatrists across the world. Member Societies are asked to provide the e-mail addresses of their members, so that the WPA E-Bulletin could reach individual members, especially working in the underprivileged areas of the world.

This issue of the WPA News you are currently holding reflects these developments. As could be read in the following pages, News from Members Societies, Zonal Representatives, and Affiliated Associations (pp. 5-7), News from WPA Sections (pp. 8-10), News of the WPA educational activities (pp. 29-30), News of the WPA publications (pp. 30-31), News of the upcoming WPA and affiliated scientific events (pp. 24-29) all have their appreciated rights to be heard.

Please particularly mind the advances in the WPA Action Plan (2008-2011) and the news originated from its implementation (pp. 1-3), including calls for proposals for innovative projects (pp. 3-4). Furthermore, two articles reflect the exemplary experiences in mental health and psychiatry across the world (pp. 11-23). It is our shared opinion that such positive illustrations will encourage our colleagues to reach excellence in mental health and psychiatry for the benefit of people with mental illness.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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