July 2014
Reflecting and Reconstructing

WPA is enjoying another of its transition periods between two Secretary Generals’ terms. Based on its nearly 60 years of solid history and looking forward for future advances, this transitional period also sets the basis for revitalization; so will the WPA News enjoy this renewal process.

Benefiting from the work and contributions of my predecessor, the immediate past Secretary General and editor of WPA News, John Cox, and relying on the efforts of our well qualified secretariat staff, Administrator Anna Engström and Deputy Administrator Pamela Atiase, reshaping the WPA News has become a priority for us.

A more comprehensive and aesthetic publication, covering the voice of all of WPA components in a plain but elegant style, is aimed.

WPA News is not considered merely as a newsletter disseminating information from center to the periphery of WPA, but also as an efficient media tool in improving communication, interaction and cooperation both in intra-organizational and inter-organizational contexts.

WPA News certainly needs the contributions of the Member Societies, Zone Representatives, and Affiliated Associations as well as the WPA EC. All WPA components and psychiatrists around the world are welcomed and encouraged to assist in improving its efficiency. Various aspects of psychiatry and mental health issues will find a room here. We are especially enthusiastic about receiving examples of “good scientific, clinical and ethical practices of psychiatry” as brief news.

I hope that WPA News will offer to all of us an instrument of interaction in our efforts of raising awareness for better mental health for all, for higher quality of scientific research, for privileged standards of human and patient rights and ethical norms, for good clinical practice and for improved mental health services.

WPA News could be of great help in the life of WPA if it succeeds to assist in reflecting and reconstructing the organizational activities of WPA across the world.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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