July 2014
Latest News from the WPA Secretariat

Transition at the Secretariat
After our highly appreciated WPA Administrator Anna Engström had moved from Geneva, due to family reasons, a smooth transition period was completed at the Secretariat. The job announcement for this position had appealed much interest and after a series of assessments and interviews by the Secretary General and the staff, Ms. Francesca Sotgiu was selected and started to work as the new administrator in December 2010. The Secretary General is grateful to our Deputy Administrator Pamela Atiase and the Executive Committee members for their excellent cooperation in this process.

WPA Media Channels
It has almost been a year since the new WPA website was published in April 2010. General statistics on the performance of the website for the first year reflect a wide acceptance of our electronic media across the world. A detailed report is being prepared to be published on WPA Media Channels. Besides, the dissemination of information on the activities of the WPA components is also carried out via the WPA E-Bulletin, latest issue of which was sent to more than 40 000 email addresses across the world with a completed delivery of over 90%.

WPA General Survey 2008-2011
The questionnaire of the “WPA General Survey 2008-2011” has been sent out in two versions, one for the WPA Member Societies and one for the other WPA components. The responses are in the process of analysis and will be published on WPA Media Channels.

These are some of the main activities undertaken by the WPA Secretariat with the support of the WPA Executive Committee and of the WPA components.

I am sure you will continue to assist us in improving the activities of the WPA Secretariat by sending your contributions and comments.

Levent Küey
Editor, WPA News




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