October 2015
From the editor March 2015

From the EditorDear Colleagues and Friends,

Hearty greetings to you. Hope you have received the ‘WPA News’ Dec 2014 and have found it informative and useful. Your feedback is important and will be appreciated. 

WPA President Dinesh Bhugra, President-Elect Helen Herrman and the Secretary General participated in the Annual Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society at Hyderabad Jan 8-11,2015. With more than 3,500 delegates, it was one of the largest Member Society meetings in Asia. While our President attended the WCAP meeting at Fukuoka and several other meetings, I have attended the WAPR meeting at Bangalore. My second official visit to the WPA Secretariat at Geneva was from Jan 27 -29, 2015. Functioning of the Secretariat, working arrangements and administrative tasks were reviewed. On our invitation, Jean-Michel Aubrey, the new Director of the Dept of Psychiatry HUG  and Francois Ferrero (the former Head) had visited the secretariat on 28 Jan, 2015 . We have reviewed the 'Accord of Collaboration' of WPA with HUG (Geneva University Hospital) which is valid for 20 years from Sept 2004. It was decided, WPA and HUG will maintain good liaison with each other.  We have also visited the WPA Archives and made extensive searches. WPA Secretariat premises are kept neat and tidy. 

The most important forth- coming events are WPA International Congress, Bucharest June 24-27, 2015 and the WPA Regional Congresses at Osaka, June 4-7, 2015 and at Kochi Sept 25-27, 2015. Please do join. Kindly visit our website www.wpanet.org We are making it “state-of –art” revamping and redesigning it . Looking forward to your suggestions, guidance and support in all WPA matters.

Thanking you,

Roy Abraham Kallivayalil
Secretary General, World Psychiatric Association




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