September 2015
WPA Zone 15 Report

The following are the programmes for 2015 -16 

  1. All teaching and charitable activities require financing. A local NGO  HORIZON has agreed to continue their  partial support in terms of Expertise ,secretarial assistance Research and organisation of events for WPA ZONE15 in PAKISTAN and where possible in other allied countries in the Region.

  2. The auditorium ,physical and some infra structure faciltiy has been agreed with IBADAT HOSPITAL Peshawar which will make WPA to hold various Mental health educational activities.A ltd entertainment support will and is provided by this hospital who have  all necessary equipment and facility  is available.

  3. Collaboration  and assistance in the Region. I attended a technical meeting to develop a regular curriculum  for undergraduate med students in TEHRAN where one expert from Afghanistan Pakistan and Iran took part as invited by UNDCP and facilitated as well on 9th sepember.A f ollow up meeting was suggested. One reputed private medical college RAHMAN MEDICAL COLLEGE has included this activity in their Psychology training module.

  4. A trauma Training course for teachers has already taken place from 30th sept to 2nd october in peshawar, This CME activity is funded By Ibadat Hospital Peshawar, Pakistan . 80teachers participated. Family practitioners and clinical Psychologists   also attend including Psychiatrists. and Pediatricians  and some consumers as mothers and volunteers. I will soon send you a report for publication in your news letter.

  5. An Exclusive  UPDATES IN CHILD PSYCHIATRY  symposium/workshop took place on 3rd October. Thanks to WPA for accrediting this CME. Three more educational activities planned to be provided in coming 9 months.

  6. A pashto Language translation of the mental health leaflets will be undertaken during this period

  7. The  already   existing project of providing  mental health assistance to 50 bereaved   families of Dec 2014 Children school massacre in Peshawar Pakistan will continue.

  8. A follow up research FOR THE 50  AFFECTED CHILDREN to find out the PTSD symptoms is in progress

  9. Support and assistance in mental health for the  IDP children will also continue. 


Khalid Mufti

Zonal Representative- Zone 15




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