October 2015
5th meeting of representatives of the Zone X of WPA

5th meeting of representatives of the Zone X of WPA

September 25, 10.00-14.00, Hall "Dostoevsky", hotel "Korston", Kazan,Russia 

Co-Chairs: Altynbekov S., Soghoyan A., Morozov P. V.



Heads of the National Psychiatric Societies of the WPA Zone 10:

Altynbekov SA (Kazakhstan)

Galako TI (Kyrgyzstan)

Soghoyan A. (Armenia), member of the EC WPA

Chkonia E. (Georgia)

Skugarevsky O. (Belarus)

Hotineanu MA (Moldova)

Savenko YS (Russia, IPA)

Deputy heads or representatives:

Limankin OV (Russia, RSP)

Salayev R. Ali Oglu (Azerbaijan)

Melik-Pashayan A. (Armenia)

Vinogradova LN (Russia, IPA)


Scheller AD (Omsk, Russia)

Salayev R. Ali Oglu (Azerbaijan)


Krasnov VN (Russia, RSP)

Representatives of the sponsors:

Lyvin A. (Janssen)

Morozov D. (Servier)

Yakovlev, D. (Servier)

Invited but unable to attend:

Maruta NA (Ukraine)

Alimov WH (Uzbekistan)


P.V.Morozov (WPA)

Before the start of the meeting, the participants observed a minute of silence in memory of Sh.A.Gamkrelidze (1922-2015), the eldest psychiatrist of our continent

Decisions of the meeting:

1. On publication activity, 

The information about joint publications of the results of the project to assess the mental health services in psychiatric magazines in Russia, Ukraine and Romania was taken into consideration. Gratitude was expressed to Prof. N.A.Maruta for the preparation of the text of this work. The participants were informed about the attempts of additional publications of the work in foreign editions.

There was heard information about the translation, printing and distribution of the «World Psychiatry» magazine in Russian language. Deep gratitude was expressed to the company "Servier" for their support of this project.

There was also heard information about regular informing of the public on the WPA activities in Eastern Europe in the pages of the World Psychiatric magazine WPA News (in each issue) 

2. The results of the project to compare the educational programs in the WPA Zone 10, 

It was decided to approve the publication of an article on this issue and to report on the collective work at one of the upcoming international congresses. The text of the article may be published in any of the magazines relating to the Zone ​​10 WPA. Special gratitude is expressed to the authors of the questionnaire and to the author of the text of the article - Prof.N.A.Maruta. The article was published in the “Ukrainian Herald of Psychoneurology” - 2015. 23, 3 (84) (http://uvnpn.com.ua/upload/iblock/b6e/b6e3cc283acf180bfdaa0dc26017f123.pdf) 

3. Participation in WPA regional congress in Tbilisi at the end of April 2016, main themes of the symposium, 

It was decided to consider the issue of psychiatric education as the main theme of the WPA zone 10 symposium within the framework of the WPA regional congress in Tbilisihttp://wpatbilisi.ge/ . A.Sogoyan proposed the theme of another zonal symposium dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the printed version of the "World Psychiatry" in Russian. Until November 1, 2015 the names of the participants of the both symposia and the report subjects should be submitted to the representatives of the WPA and to Dr. E.Chkonia (Eka Chkoniaekachkonia@gmail.com) in order to prepare formal applications to the Organizing Committee


4. Participation in the symposium within the framework of the WPA Congress in Istanbul in July 2016 (http://www.wpaistanbul2016.org/), the Symposium theme, 

It was decided to prepare a thematic WPA Zonal Symposium on comparative evaluation of mental health services. Deadline of submitting of the reports’ applications to Prof. P.V.Morozov (in English: Subject + resume +2 sources) - until December 1, 2015. The WPA representative should send a collective application to the Organizing Committee. 

5. Participation in the Congress of Social Psychiatry in New Delhi in November-December 2016, 

It was proposed to organize a joint symposium on the theme: "Development of private psychiatry in our country". The applications for reports should be sent to Prof.P.V. Morozov as a member of the Program Committee of the Congress until February 1, 2016 

6. World Mind Matters Day - a new campaign held by the World Psychiatric Association; 

The Russian texts of two important WPA documents on the subject were published on the RSP website and sent to all Heads of national societies of the Zone X WPA. It is proposed to make an effort in order to properly celebrate this day in 2016 at the national level, since this is the question of the rights of persons with mental illnesses. Representatives of the IPA (Russia) made a proposal to initiate a project related to human rights activities. 

7. Evaluation of the East European Educational Academy of WPA-Servier first enrolment, nomination of new candidates to participate in the work of the Academy; 

The work of the EEE Academy has been evaluated with the highest score: for 2 years there have been prepared 37 peer-reviews, 58 articles have been published in 10 journals of 6 countries. The names of the candidates for the second enrolment of the Academy - of Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan - were announced. By December 1 written confirmations of the names of all candidates with their CVs are awaited. 

8. Mini - Symposium "Learning the experience of creation of research centers of mental health"; 

There were made two reports (A.D.Sheller (Russia) and R.Salaev (Azerbaijan)) clearly demonstrating the benefits of treatment and maintenance therapy with patients having endogenous diseases in outpatient mental health centers. Speakers answered the numerous questions of the participants. 

9. Discussion of the protocol of joint studies on the comparative assessment of the cost of inpatient and outpatient endogenous psychoses treatment; 

The participants of the meeting received in advance a preliminary protocol of joint collaborative research on the comparative assessment of the cost of inpatient and outpatient endogenous psychoses treatment. Details of the project were announced by A.Lyvin (Janssen), he also answered questions from the participants. Representatives of all countries of the zone X WPA expressed willingness to participate in the project. In order to develop the final version of the study protocol it was agreed to establish a working group with the participation of: A.Lyvin, O.A.Skugarevsky, A. Melik-Pashayan and M.A.Hotenianu. The group should prepare a report by 18 December, then at the meeting in Minsk (during the anniversary conference) it will be approved and sent to the research participants 

10. On the possible creation of a united educational program of 10 WPA Zone 

It was noted that the collective work of leaders of psychiatric societies have considerable resonance among public mental health circles in Eastern Europe. It was agreed that it makes sense to prepare a joint Declaration on mental health education in our countries (responsible for the preparation of text - TI Galako, term - February 2016, approval - April 2016, at the 6th meeting), reinforcing our joint position.

In addition, it is proposed to discuss the possibility of creating of a joint project on mental health education with the creation of a common website.

This issue may be discussed in Astana during the National conference in summer 2016. In the long term planning the establishment of a joint training program on psychiatry, or its individual components is possible.

11.On venue for the 6th meeting of the Heads of psychiatric Societies X Zone WPA

The next meeting will be held in Tbilisi at the end of April 2016 during (or before or after) the WPA regional congress.

12.Special thanks

The participants also expressed gratitude to the Organizing Committee of the Congress of the RSP for the opportunity to hold the meeting in Kazan, as well as for the invitation to participate in the congress. Special gratitude was expressed to the sponsors of the meeting - companies "Janssen" and "Servier".


Peter Morozov

WPA Zonal Representative- Zone- 10




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