February 2016
WPA Zone 9 (Central Europe)

The most important meeting took place in Bucharest, Romania - WPA 2015 Bucharest International Congress, titled - Primary Care Mental Health: Innovation and Transdisciplinarity, 24-27 June 2015.

Psychiatric Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina: traditional Annual Symposium with international participation, XIV Psychiatric Days of Bosnia and Herzegovina, took place in Sarajevo, November 23rd - 24th 2015. The main topic was “Current topics from child and adolescent psychiatry and women’s mental health”.

Croatian Psychiatric Association: has supported organization of Symposiums on Cognitive Behavior therapy, and has successfully organized 12th Croatian Psychiatric days, and number of other scientific events,. This year more focus was given to the increase of negative psychiatric image in the Croatian media, and the new law on mental health.

The 16th Czech-Slovak Psychiatric Meeting: at Brno, Czech Republic was jointly organized in the period 21-24 October 2015 by the Czech Psychiatric Association and the Slovak Psychiatric Association.

Macedonian Psychiatric Association has successfully organized a conference “Stress and Anxiety in Macedonia, Disorders trough Different Life Stages” in Ohrid, Macedonia, with participation of international experts. The Conference was organized in the period of October 29th – 31st 2015

Other forthcoming Congresses:

  • WPA Co-sponsored International Conference on Forensic Psychiatry, Macedonian Psychiatric Association, 13th - 15th October 2016, in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Title: Forensic Psychiatry and prison psychiatry between the medicine and the law

  • XV Congress of the Serbian Psychiatric Association , 12-15 October, Belgrade, Republic of Serbia Title: Pathways and crossroads of psychiatry.

Stojan Bajraktarov

WPA Zone 9 Representative




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