June 2016
Integrating Psychiatric diversity

As it is well known, Western Europe (WPA Zone 6) is among the richest zone of the world concerning the scientific events in psychiatry and mental health. In the last 12 months, nearly all of the national societies of the Zone have organized at least one such event, several being of international interest and with the sponsorship of WPA. To these very visible meeting we have to add several more modest bi or multinational symposia or working group on various common topics, to advance the dissemination of the knowledge in our discipline and increase the cohesion of the member societies of the zone. In line with my work intention as representative of the zone, I contributed to the initiation or the organization of several of these most modest events, with the idea that, more than the national or the international ones, their existence and success is dependent of such contribution.

This newsletter gives me the opportunity to report on two such meetings:

One is a symposium organized in Munich in June between two WPA associated societies: Alphapsy (Federation of French Speaking Psychiatrists of Private Practice) ,the World Association of Dynamic Psychiatry , with the contribution of the German Academy of Psychoanalysis and one WPA section (Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry) around a very interesting topic of common interest : Integration of Psychoanalysis in Psychiatric Institutional Treatment (see photo)

The second is a Franco /Latin-American colloquium organized last march by the a French Association (Erie) to bring together members of French Speaking national societies with eminent psychiatrists from Latin American countries around Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health organization


Both were very successful, not only for the interest they raised in the public but also for the links the allowed to establish between psychiatrist of the world sharing the same passionate interest for their discipline and the patients they attend


Michel Botbol
WPA Zonal Representative- Zone 6.




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