December 2016
Armenian Psychiatric Association

The first Community Care House was opened in Armenia (Spitak City) in April 2016. It is a first community based institution for people with long-term mental health problems. Before that, the persons with mental and intellectual disabilities who need shelter were residing in Vardenis Nursing Home, where there were about 450 people or in psychiatric hospitals. The complex preparatory work preceded the opening of Care House in cooperation with Armenian Psychiatric Association.

The place for new Community Care House was selected with special attention. It was decided to situate Community House in Spitak City, one of the cities of Armenia that was almost destroyed by severe earthquake back in 1988 and now reconstructed. By the end of April 2016 the Community House started to operate. During the first two months new residents adapted to new conditions, opportunities and freedom. Residents began to participate in the Community House life, acquiring independent living skills. Residents began to get acquainted with neighbors and now the Community House is open for guests and visitors. At this point, we can state that the reintegration program succeeds and hope that the community supported housing will soon replace large closed institutions as a modern approach for social reintegration.

Armen Soghoyan


Spitak Community Home: President of Armenian Psychiatric Assotiation Armen Soghoyan with international experts.

President of Armenian Psychiatric Assotiation Armen Soghoyan with international expert




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