January 2017
Italian Psychiatric Society (Societa Italiana Di Psichiatria)

WINTER VILLAGE:  Milan, January 18th-22nd 2017.

Health Base Camp : Prevention and Correct Lifestyles:  The base camp has  represented the logistic and support center where the traveler can shelter and prepare for the journey. In the same way the Winter Village has represented the place where people could gain knowledge and useful information to face daily life. A comfortable and safe place, starting point for a conscious trip following the correct lifestyles.Winter Village has put together in one place Societies/Scientific Associations, people and activities all related to human health, to provide information and suggestions for correct lifestyles. 27 journalists were present and 16,134 people visiting in 5 days. 8 societies/scientific associations involved. 24 public conferences, of which 4 were related to Psychiatry- “10 rules to fight depression”, “Yoga-therapy as medical intervention to nurse anxiety and panic attacks”, “Bipolar disorder” and “Postpartum depression”.33 speakers, 900 partecipants, 62 doctors and 1.985 consultations completed (145 psychiatrist consultations)

National Observatory for Women’s Health (ONDA) was founded in 2006 with the express objective of advancing and defending women’s health. Since 2006, National observatory for women’s health has actively worked to advance and defend the health of women in each phase of her life cycle, from birth through senescence. Areas of interest: infantile/maternal health, nutrition and alimentation, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and disorders, STD, degenerative neurological diseases, oncology, mental health, rheumatic diseases, menopause and osteoporosis, abuse of women. 

Segreteria SIP, Milano

Claudio Mencacci, President, Italian Psychiatric Association and Dalia Fuggetta(SIP Secretariat)

Italian Psychiatric Association




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