February 2017
Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society

Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society (TNS) was founded in 1914 before the Republic of Turkey was founded, by specialists from the branches of Psychiatry and Neurology, then named as Neuropsychiatry. The Society has been a long-established organization of mental health specialists from various disciplines for a century.  The Society is among the founder members of the World Federation of Mental Health in 1948, the World Psychiatric Association in 1950 and the World Federation of Neurology in 1957 during the leadership of Prof. İhsan Şükrü Aksel.  The General Assembly of the Society meets every two years in January. There are around 1000 members at present. The executive committee consists of 7 members who regularly meet at least monthly. The last General Assembly took place in January, 2016. 

Archives of Neuropsychiatry, the official journal of the Society has been founded in 1964 by Prof. İhsan Şükrü Aksel and colleagues in İstanbul.  'Neuropsychiatry Days' is a traditional annual scientific meeting that has been held since 2006, to revive the historical meetings organized in the past heritage. Every year a major theme is selected considering the topics of major interest in psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience, neuropsychology and philosophy relevant for clinicians, researchers, scholars and trainees.  

Mental Health Platform-Turkey (MHPT) has been founded by the invitation from the two major professional societies working in mental health field, Psychiatric association of Turkey and Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society to societies working for mental health in 2006. Societies of patients and carers are also members of the MHPT, which brings together all parties for the improvement and collaboration on mental health. 

Evrim Göde Öğüten (Member),
Peykan G. Gökalp (Vice President)

From Left to Right: Prof. Gülsen Akman, Assist. Prof. Hakan Karas, Dr. Banu Aslantas-Ertekin, Prof. Peykan Gokalp, Prof. Mustafa Sercan, Assoc. Prof. Asli Demirtas-Tatlidede, Assist. Prof. Elif Mutlu, Assist. Prof. Evrim Göde-Oguten, Assoc. Prof. Betül Yalciner, Prof. Cigdem Ozkara

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