June 2016
SPPSM hosted a group of 40 psychiatrists from the Israeli Psychiatric Association

On April 8, 2016 the Portuguese Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health (SPPSM) hosted a group of 40 psychiatrists from the Israeli Psychiatric Association for a Zonal Symposium on the mental health systems in the two countries of Zone 8. The joint meeting started with a visit in the Psychiatry and Mental Health Department at Beatriz Angelo Hospital (HBA) in Lisbon followed by the symposium. Dr. Maria Joao Heitor, President Elect of SPPSM made a comprehensive presentation of the mental health system in Portugal.


The Israeli recent reform was presented by the Zonal Representative, Prof. Zvi Zemishlany. In this reform, the responsibility of psychiatric care was transferred from the State to the four national health maintenance organizations (HMOs), who are now reorganizing the community facilities and the collaboration between primary care and psychiatrists. The conclusion of the Symposium was that the establishment of community mental health facilities and the need to improve the coordination and integration of mental health and primary care are common to both countries. A visit to the Champalimaud Foundation, dedicated to translational biomedical research, including neuroscience, concluded the interesting meeting.



Zvi Zemishlany

WPA Zonal Representative


Photo Caption: Photo 1: From L to R: Prof. Moshe Kotler (Past President IPA), Dr Tsvi Fischel (President Elect IPA), Prof. Zvi Zemishlany (Zonal Representative), Dr. Maria Joao Heitor (President Elect SPPSM), Artur Vaz (Beatriz Angelo Hospital CEO), Prof. Maria Luisa Figueira (Past President SPPSM).


Photo 2 : Dr. Maria Joao Heitor and the group of the Israeli Psychiatric Association at the visit to Chmpalimaud Foundation, Lisbon.




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