May 2017
International Congress "Mental health in the 21st century” in Moscow

Late last year, Moscow hosted the First International Congress "Mental health in the 21st century”. The Congress was organized by the "Union of Mental Health" (President N.V.  Treushnikova) with the support of a number of governmental structures and co-sponsored by WHO, WPA, EPA and others. The Congress was attended by over 700 representatives from 33 countries: psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, gerontologists and representatives of Justice, Culture and Sport. The plenary sessions, presentations were made by Dr. Shekhar Saxena (WHO), Prof. Roy A. Kallivayalil (WPA), Prof.Wolfgang Gaebel (EPA), Prof. Norman Sartorius (Switzerland), as well as other representatives of the WPA/EC and the WPA Board, heads of national psychiatric societies. International Congress on the problems of mental health of this level for the first time took place in the 21st century in Moscow. It has been decided to make such meetings regular, the next one is scheduled for 19-21 October, 2018.

The Congress held the prize winners ceremony of the first National Award "Harmony" in the field of mental health. Among psychiatrists, in the nomination "for the contribution to research, teaching and publication activities" prizes were awarded to Prof. W Gaebel (EPA, Germany) and Prof. P. Morozov (WPA, Russia).

Peter Morozov

Ceremony “Harmony” Award: 3d from left-Natalya Treushnikova, President of the Union of Mental Health, Russia and extreme right Peter Morozov (WPA Zonal Rep) and W Gaebel (EPA)

Zone 10 Award ceremony




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