May 2017
Botswana has applied and registered for their Association

I am happy to report that Botswana has applied and registered for their Association and will be confirmed later in the year.  I am appealing to other countries to please make their own applications.  The WPA secretariat is strongly recommending that every country in every zone across the World to have an Association and am encouraging all of you in Zone 14 who have not yet registered to do so.  For those with existing WPA registered associations, well done.

Activities and News from the Zone

It is still early in the year and different countries are at various stages of planning their activities.  The Kenya Psychiatrists Association (KPA) in conjunction with African Association of Psychiatrists and Allied Professions (AAPAP) will be holding their annual conference in Kenya towards the end of March 2017.  This is soon after a very successful conference in Cape Town. 

We hope as many of us as possible will be participating in the Berlin, Germany congress meeting not just as attendees but as presenters.  

David M. Ndetei 
WPA Zone 14 Representative




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