WPA Presidents Honor Prof. Stefanis in Athens

WPA Presidents honouring Prof. Stefanis in Athens. From left to right: J. E. Mezzich (2005-2008), N. Sartorius (1996-1999), M. Maj (2008-2011), C. R. Soldatos, C. Stefanis (1983-1989), J. A. Costa e Silva (1989-1993), P. Ruiz (2011-2014), A. Okasha (2002-2005)A greatly applauded initiative of Prof. C. R. Soldatos in Honor of Prof. C. Stefanis

In Athens, on October 16th, 2009 in the framework of the “3rd Dual Congress on Psychiatry and the Neurosciences”, an event co-sponsored by the INA, the WFSBP and the WPA, a Special WPA Session under the general title “Present and Future of World Psychiatry” was held in honor of Professor C. Stefanis. The Session was chaired by Professors M. Maj, WPA President and P. Ruiz, WPA President Elect while Past WPA Presidents, successors of Professor Stefanis in the Presidency of the WPA participated and contributed scientifically to this event.

A message from H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. K. Papoulias, was read, in which he highly praised Professor Stefanis’ immense contribution, not only to psychiatry but also to society at large. Professors Maj and Soldatos saluted the large audience and paid tribute to Professor Stefanis, highlighting his many scientific achievements and long standing impact to world psychiatry. Special reference to Professor Stefanis’ very significant contribution to the life and prosperity of WPA and to the international scientific community was made by the day’s speakers who were:

- A. Okasha introducing “The Emergence of Subthreshold Psychiatry”,
- J. A. Costa e Silva speaking on “The Future of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders”
- J. E. Mezzich presenting the “New Development in International Classification and Diagnostic Systems”,
- N. Sartorius elaborating on “Psychiatry 2008: Present State and Trends - A Global View”

The session ended with Professor M. Maj awarding a plaquette to Professor C Stefanis, who took the floor to thank his lifelong colleagues in WPA, the faculty and staff members of the Athens University Department of Psychiatry at the Eghinition Hospital, his family, and the audience that honored him with their presence.




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