The training programme of the Spanish Society on Dual Pathology

The Spanish Society on Dual Pathology (Sociedad Española de Patología Dual - SEPD) has just launched its dual pathology training program in Spanish.


This initiative, endorsed by the Spanish Ministry of Health, is aimed to instruct and give an update on all the most important topics regarding dual pathology diagnosis to the Spanish-speaking psychiatrists.


The introduction as well as the first module of this training specially focused on depression and addiction, are already available at the SEPD website:


And to complete this dual pathology training program, the SEPD also released a Dual Pathology themed area for Spanish-speaking psychiatrists, which is available at the website.


There, the professionals will have access to the most interesting publications studied by the SEPD scientific committee, as well as to discussion forums, etc. Soon this website will publish the first contest on dual pathology cases.

Nestor Szerman
President, Spanish Society on Dual Pathology




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