July 2008

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  • Geneva Prize  
  • De Risio Award
  • International Juan José López Ibor Award
  • Jean Delay Prize
  • Pinel Prize

WPA Co-sponsored Meetings: June – December 2008  ,or search for meetings in your zone using our online search function

New Contributions:

  • Standing Committee on Ethics
    • Letter to WPA Components
    • WMA Declaration of Helsinki
    • Comment Submission Form (rtf)
    • Review Consultation Draft
  • Section on Conflict Management and Resolution: news
  • Person Centred Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, by Michel Botbol
  • Dermatoglyphic Study of Cuban Schizophrenic Patients. Analysis of Dermatoglyphic Anomalies and Viral Etiology, by Segundo Mesa Castillo
  • Bolivian Society of Psychiatry: X National Congress, August 2008
  • Serbian Psychiatric Association: XIII National Congress “Psychiatry for the person and social transition”, 19-22 October 
  • Leadership in Mental Health Course  
  • Peruvian Psychiatric Association: XX Congreso Peruano de Psiquiatria, Lima, Peru, Aug 2008  
  • Section on Stigma and Mental Illness: International Together Against Stigma Conference
  • Spanish Association of Neuropsychiatry: XXIV Congress "Nuevas expresiones clínicas en una Sociedad cambiante" Cádiz, Spain 3 - 6 June, 2009 www.24congresoaen.com
  • VII World Congress on Depressive Disorders, International Symposium on Post-traumatic Stress Disorders, Mendoza – Argentina, 24-26 September 2009 www.mendoza2009.org
  • World Mental Health Day 2008, WFMH




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