Call for News to WPA Member Societies, Zone Representatives and Affiliated Associations

WPA NEWS aims to be a comprehensive publication covering the voice of all of WPA components.

It is not considered merely as a newsletter disseminating information from central components to the periphery of our organization but also as an efficient media tool in improving communication, interaction and cooperation among psychiatrists around the world especially via WPA Member Societies.

WPA NEWS certainly needs the contributions of the Member Societies, Zone Representatives and Affiliated Associations as well as the EC. All WPA components and psychiatrists around the world are welcomed and encouraged to assist in improving its efficiency.

In this context, we would like to kindly ask your contributions for the WPA NEWS.

Your contributions could cover news from the activities of your societies or your zones on relevant issues of psychiatry and mental health. Various aspects of our field will find a room here.

We are especially enthusiastic about receiving “success stories among your activities” and “successful experiences of mental health care in your countries”. These are expected to support the activities of other societies from different regions of the world.

We will be pleased to receive news from your societies or zones with a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 300 words, along with good quality visual materials.

Please be sure you send news to the WPA Secretariat as frequently as possible.




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