February 2010
I. International Suicide Congress in Pasto, Colombia, 27-29 August 2009

The Executive Committee of the Psychiatric Association of Latin America with wishes to share with you news about the I. International Suicide Congress, which took place in the city of Pasto in Colombia, a country belonging to the Bolivarian zone of Latin America.

The Congress was held from 27 to 29 August 2009 and participants included national and international lecturers, all of whom are experts in the theme of the Congress.

This successful Congress was organized by Prof. Cástulo Cisneros Rivera, Psychiatrist, Past President of the Colombian Association of Psychiatry and Director of the Medicine Program of the University of Nariño, and was endorsed by the Colombian Association of Psychiatry, the Colombian Association of Biological Psychiatry, the Psychiatric Association of Latin America, the World Psychiatric Association, the Medicine Program of the University of Nariño, the World Network of Suicidology, the Colombian Institute of Investigations in Mental Health, and the Karolinska Institute of Sweden.

This Congress was well attended by many professionals in the field of Mental Health and Medicine, as well as students of psychology, who participated in daily sessions on different topics related to the theme on suicidal conduct: epidemiology, semiology, models, neurobiology, risk factors, comorbidities, therapeutics and prevention. All of these topics were presented in a professional manner by the invited speakers.

The professional commitment of all present produced as a result the “Declaration of Pasto” which is an annex to the report on the congress. This Declaration has initiated a program of action and prevention by all those involved in Mental Health in Latin America, and to work actively on the problems of Public Health on our Continent.

The Executive Committee of the Psychiatric Association of Latin America




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