February 2010
2nd World Congress of AFPA - Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations Taipei, Taiwan 7-10 Nov 2009

AFPA organised its 2nd world congress at Taipei on 7-9 Dec 2009. Asian Federation of Psychiatric Associations (AFPA) is the representative organisation of psychiatric associations of Asian countries. It was formed on 11 September 2005 at WPA Congress at Cairo and was formally Launched in 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan with the aim of improving psychiatry in Asia.

Left to right: Prof. S. Winston (Chairman - Scientific Committee), Prof. Dr. Shi Ku Lin (Secretary - Organizing Committee), Prof. Shinfuku (President AFPA), Afzal Javed (Secretary General AFPA)Many of the lower income countries of Asia still suffer from neglect of mental health teaching, practical training, services and lack of research. There are problems of resources in trying to change archaic practices and instill the seeds of a humane approach to care for the mentally ill both in health care services and in communities in Asia. AFPA was mainly started to take these challenges and work for their solutions. Over the last few years, AFPA has emerged as an important organisation in Asia and has initiated many projects including training & teaching workshops mainly in the low income countries. AFPA is also publishing Asian Journal of Psychiatry.

It may be added that AFPA comprises of following major groups and representation was seen from all these components of AFPA.

  • East Asia
  • West Asia
  • Central Asia
  • South East Asia (ASEAN)
  • South East Asia (SAARAC)
  • Group of Asians working outside Asia (South Asian Forum)

After AFPA’s first meting in Goa (India) in 2007, Taipei meeting has now proved another milestone in AFPA’s history for having a well organised academic meeting in Asia. More than 400 delegates attended this congress. Jointly organised with Taiwan Psychiatric society, it attracted delegates from all East Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong & Taiwan) along with countries from Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Nepal and many other Asian countries.

The meeting had a close collaboration with WPA and was attended by Prof Pedro Ruiz, President Elect, Prof Helen Herman & Dr Akiyama (EC members) and Dr Shinfuku, Dr Mohandas & Dr Armen Soghoyan (WPA Zonal Representatives). There were many presidents and representatives of national psychiatric associations from Asian countries.

The meeting had a very impressive scientific programme emphasising the research work conducted in this part of world. Training workshops, plenary lectures and special symposia were held as continued professional development programme. Another salient feature of the congress was the participation of a big number of young psychiatrists. They were awarded for the ir best poster / presentation.

Picture shows Prof. Naotaka Shinkufu (Japan), Dr. Afzal Javed (Pakistan), Prof. Hai Gwo Hwu (Taiwan), Dr. Russell De Souza (Australia), Prof. Pichet Udomratn (Thailand), Prof. Armen  Soghoyan (Armenia), Prof. Zaid Kronfol (Qatar), Dr. Mohandas (India), Prof. M. P. Deva (Malaysia), Prof. Cheng-Chung Chen (Taiwan) & Prof. S. Winston (Taiwan)AFPA also recognized the selfless pioneers and organizations in the battle against the stagnation and decline in the mental health of Asians and Pacific Islanders, by giving 4 awards  to associations of Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Cooks Island & Fiji.

AFPA board especially thanked Prof Cheng-Chung Chen Current President & Prof George Chen  of  Taiwan Psychiatric Society, Prof S Winston Chair scientific committee and Dr Shi Ku Lin secretary organizing committee for their hard work for making this meeting a real success.

The executive committee of AFP also elected its new office bearers for the term 2009-2011.

President: Prof. Naotaka Shinkufu (Japan)
Secretary General: Dr Afzal Javed (Pakistan)
Deputy Sec General: Prof. Hai Gwo Hwu (Taiwan)
Treasurer: Dr. Russell De Souza (Australia)
Regional Vice presidents: Prof. Pichet Udomratn (Thailand, ASEAN), Prof. Armen Soghoyan (Armenia - Central Europe), Prof. Zaid Kronfol (Qatar - West Europe), Dr. Mohandas (SAF representative), Prof. Nalaka Mendis (Sri Lanka, SAARAC), Prof. Hao Wei China (China, East Asian)    
Advisor: Prof. M. P. Deva (Malaysia)
The 3rd AFPA world Congress will be held at Melbourne, Australia in 2011. Dr. Russell De Souza will be the organiser of this meeting.




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