July 2010
Activities of the Section on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Plenary session at the II Congress of DEAPS, Zlatibor, Serbia, April 22-25, 2010The Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions of Serbia (DEAPS) was formed in 2004 in Belgrade and it is recognized and accepted by the international organizations such as IACAPAP (International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions) and ESCAP (European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry). The WPA Section on Children and Adolescent Psychiatry actively supports DEAPS as well.

The goals of the Association are focused on raising the level of professional knowledge and organizational models of mental health care of children and adolescents, as well as on gathering and organizing the professionals of different occupations for the same purpose: further development of child and adolescent psychiatry and allied professions.

The 2nd Congress of DEAPS took place in Zlatibor, Serbia, on April 22-25, 2010. The congress was a great opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, but, as well, a chance for developing collaboration with other mental health care professionals from abroad. More than 230 participants had presentations, 12 plenary lectures were held, six of which were given by prominent foreign experts. Colleagues from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia-FYROM, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Romania participated with selected topics. Members of the WPA Section on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry actively participated in the Congress.

DEAPS and the Congress were opened for mental health professionals as well for other medical doctors, medical associates, colleagues from social services, education, youth associations and organisations (State and NGO organizations) and parents of children with mental health problems. Suggested themes such as pervasive disorders, contemporary ethiological concept, psychological developement – theories, deviations, risk factors, learning difficulties and conduct disorders in school, mental health of children with special needs, depression, self-mutilation and suicide of adolescents, abuse and neglect, eating disorders, substance abuse among adolescents, children and adolescents in institutions (medical, social, educational) responded to the most common mental problems of children and adolescents, appealing to those who deal with their mental health.

The WPA Section on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry will continue to support national congresses, due to beliefs that mental health of children and adolescents is the national capital and investment in their future.

Milica Pejovic Milovancevic
Secretary, WPA Section on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry




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